DLP Projectors

DLP Projectors
By Elizabeth Morgan

Some of the indispensable parts of a projector are the feed spool, xenon arc lamp, projection lens, optical sound head, take up spool, an aperture, normal lens and a rotating shutter. But with the advancement of science, new technologies have come into play. The projectors have become much more advanced in terms of clarity of picture and the quality of the pixels. Also, the projectors have found use in everyday households, as new versions of domestic projectors have arrived on the market. The abundance of LCD projectors, DLP projectors and video projectors has allowed the common man to enjoy the experience of a big theater hall in his living room.

DLP, or Digital Light Processing, is a technology implemented in todays projectors and projection televisions. In DLP projectors, the image is created by microscopically small mirrors. These minute pieces are then put in a matrix on a semiconductor chip. This chip is called DMD (Digital Micromirror Device). These mirrors are treated as pixels. The number of those minutely small mirrors exactly corresponds with the resolution of the project image.

There are single-chip projectors and three-chip projectors. A single-chip projector has a single DMD, and a single color wheel produces all the colors. The color wheel is divided into four sectors of basic primary colors. They are red, green, and blue, and an additional clear section to boost brightness. A three-chip DLP projector uses a prism to split light from the lamp. Then the basic colors are routed to their own DMD chip. Then these colors are passed through the lens, where they are combined together.

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Overhead Projector Rentals

Overhead Projector Rentals
By Marcus Peterson

Overhead projectors are used to project transparencies. One contains a glass plate with a light source from below that reflects the image in the transparency through a lens on an arm to a screen. Transparencies are polyester films of a standard A4 paper size that allows light to pass through.

Overhead projectors are simple to use and they were the first ones to be used for business and classroom presentations. This was before the arrival of data and video projectors. The projector can be set up in 10 seconds, the arm can be bent for easy portability and weighs approximately 14 lbs. The resolution can be in the range of 4000 lumens. The OHP comes with accessories such as a portable stand so that projector can be placed in the middle of the classroom, a collapsible screen, extension cords with different lengths, and sockets.

The rental rates usually vary from $30 to $50 daily, $100 for a week and $200 for a month. Most of the university classrooms have OHPs installed. The advances in data projection for CD, DVD and laptops have reduced the demand for OHP.

Use of overhead projectors has declined with the flashy presentations of PowerPoint. Still they are occasionally used in universities, in classrooms for lectures, and job training. They are preferred over data projectors as they are simple and dont require computers for input. The transparencies can be modified during the lecture itself, which makes it versatile. The disadvantage is that OHP is fragile and bulky. Also, care should be taken to ensure that the transparencies are clear. For instance, photocopied text book pages will look bad on the screen.

Some of the important branded overhead projectors are 3M, Bell & Howell, Dukane, and High Lumens. Specific features such as built-in lamps and image magnifiers add to the higher rental rates.

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iProjectorPlug In Your iPod And You Are Ready To Start The Presentation

iProjector-Plug In Your iPod And You Are Ready To Start The Presentation
By Anmol Taneja

The iProjector has just replaced the laptop with an iPod as far as storing and carrying your business presentations are concerned.

The iProjector is a unique contribution to the corporate world from the pioneers of technology. The iProjector is scheduled to debut at 2007 and is brought to the corporate and home entertainment world by Ion Audio, makers of the renowned ITTUSB Turntable. Gadgets.in are of the opinion that it is just what the corporate world was long for to accommodate portability of business tools such as presentations and management meeting clips. It is no longer necessary to carry around a laptop just to facilitate a power point presentation at any sales or corporate meeting. The iProjector has done away with the cumbersome cables and connection paraphernalia of the past. Going a step further the iProjector facilitates a connection to an iPod through an inbuilt iPod port that connects to any iPod and easily projects information onto a screen anywhere, all in just in just a few seconds.

The iProjector is suited for home entertainment as well. One can project a TV show recorded in the iPod or a movie video onto the home theatre seem through the iProjector. What is more is that the iPod dock, which connects the iPod to the iProjector, also charges the iPod battery while it is working. This means that after you are done with the iProjector you will still have a fully charged iPod to listen to your music on your way home.


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Home Theater Projector Packages

Home Theater Projector Packages
By Jason Gluckman

People are growing less enamored of going to the movies, dealing with loud crowds and paying high prices for refreshments. This can be eliminated with the help of a home theater. With home theaters gaining popularity as a viable option for domestic entertainment, standing in long lines is now a nightmare of the past. The high cost of tickets for entry into theaters, along with all related expenses, can be eliminated with the help of a home theater system. When installed in the home, viewing movies with family and friends can be fun. Its a thrill to watch a movie in your own home.

Another crucial aspect of a home theater system is the superior image quality generated by the theater system. Home theater systems have revolutionized the concept of modern theater. They have brought movie halls right into the home. It is an astounding experience that most people are willing to undergo over and over again.

There are numerous home theater packages available to meet individual requirements. The packages are convenient options for those who are concerned with all parts of the video in a home theater system. A diverse range of home theater packages is available in the market, and customers can choose according to their needs.

Here are some packages: Eiki EIP-1000T DLP Home Theater Projector; Da-Lite Model B HDTV Format High Contrast Screen - 106\ Diagonal; Ceiling Mount kit for Projector; and Oculus Home Theater Wiring Solution.

Another package in great demand includes an InFocus ScreenPlay 5000 DLP Home Theater Projector, Da-Lite Deluxe Model B HDTV Format High Contrast Screen - 106\ Diagonal, Ceiling Mount kit for Projector and Oculus Home Theater Wiring Solution.

One of the other popular packages includes a Mitsubishi HC3000U DLP Home Theater Projector, Da-Lite Perm-Wall HDTV Format High Contrast Screen - 110\ Diagonal, Ceiling Mount kit for Projector and the Oculus Home Theater Wiring Solution.

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Ceiling Mount a Home Theater Front Projector Metalcraft Mounting System

Ceiling Mount a Home Theater Front Projector - Metalcraft Mounting System
By Kyle Kolbe

After I fainted from sticker shock at the pricing of the official Sanyo PLV-Z3 projector ceiling mount ($200), I found a much cheaper solution. For $36.95 I could buy a Metalcraft all metal adjustable ceiling mount off ebay.

Mounting a projector to my ceiling was easier than I thought. Heres how I did it.

Tools youll need:

* Philips Hand Screw Driver

* Circular Level

* EZ Anchor Stud Solvers

* Tape Measure

* Step Ladder

Size up the mounting hardware: The Metalcraft mounts ceiling plate is large measuring five by five inches square with six pre-drilled holes for ceiling screws. A post descends to the projector mount plate.

How I measured my room for optimum mount placement: Bisecting the width of the room, considering the airduct, and measuring eleven and a half feet from the front projector screens surface plus the half the length of the mounting plate, I placed the plate on the ceiling and marked each screw hole.

Anchored to ceiling: Wear safety goggles to avoid getting ceiling board dust in your eyes. I removed the plate and drove the metal EZ Anchor Stud Solver anchors until they were flush with the ceiling. The EZ Anchors are great because you never have to drill a pilot hole for the self-tapping anchors. I replaced the plate over the anchors and drove each #8 screw into its anchor. You may need an extra hand to hold the plate in place while you tighten the first two to four screws.

Attach the projector plate before attaching to ceiling plate: Since the mount assembly breaks into two parts, one attaching to the ceiling with a post that screws into the adjustment plate for the projector, you can screw and tighten the hex screws and plastic bushings to the projector body.

Secure the projector plate to the ceiling mount: The Metalcraft ceiling mounts post accepts a adjustable knob screw. You will need someone to help you get the screw started while they lift up the projector. With the screw tight you can rotate the projector from left to right on the ceiling post.

Fine-tuning: The Metalcraft mount allows yaw, pitch and rotation. With the hand tightening of knobs on the projector mount plate you can canter your projector perfectly on your projection screen. With the aid of a circular bubble level you can level the projector from front to back and left to right using the corresponding thumb knobs. With projector level you can then adjust your lense up and down and to the side for a perfect screen fill with no keystone distortion correction.

Caveat: The Metalcraft mount is wobbly because of the thinness of the metal used on the metal band that holds the projector mount to the ceiling mount post. When you need to change interconnects or adjust manual focus and zoom the projector rocks slightly as the metal gives. This does not cause the projector to fall out of register, though. Hey$36.95what do you expect?

The Metalcraft Mounting System for the Sanyo PLV-Z3 LCD projector (and many other projector brands and models) is a great bargain and very reliable. Highly recommended.

Father, Husband and Geek. My geeky interests have not changed since I was a kid. I still love comic books, anime, role-playing games, console video games, indie rock, imported toys and mecha models, bad American and great British sitcoms, and all the tech that lets me experience these hobbies to their fullest. Now that Im married with children, Ive had to strike a balance between supporting and pleasing my family and feeding my geekery hunger. Lucky for me, my wife is very accomodating and even geeks out with me on occasion (the ladies love Joss Whedons Firefly). My two year old likes anything that moves on the front projection screen and makes noise, so far she is easy to please. Geekwithfamily.com exists to enrich the lives of fellow geeks and the friends and family who put up with them.

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Home Theater Projectors

Home Theater Projectors
By Peter Emerson

Some people who set up home theater systems prefer to use projectors rather than the traditional television sets because projectors typically produce higher quality pictures. A projector also appeals to some people due to the fact that it can offer a more authentic movie-viewing experience with its large projection.

Disadvantages of Projectors

Most light-projection theater systems produce a big picture that is not suitable for smaller rooms. These products are also not good in rooms with bright, ambient lighting. Since these projectors produce the picture by emitting the picture on a screen using light, any other light source can interfere with the projection.

If you intend to use projectors in your home theater system, you will need to have a dedicated room for theater purposes. It requires you to have a room capable of being in complete darkness, as well as having enough room for a large screen for your projector to project the picture.


The cost of the average projector is comparable to a high-quality, big-screen, HDTV-capable television. The higher quality projectors can end up costing more than the television set themselves.

The least expensive projectors can cost as much as $3,000. These products will have lower resolution than the more expensive ones. It is not be better to purchase a large-screen, HDTV-capable television rather than a $3,000 projector.

The good, quality projectors begin at $5,000 and can go as high as $12,000 or more. These are the products with very good resolution, which will give you the proper home theater experience.

If you are in the market to purchase a theater projector and are only looking to buy an average system, expect to spend up to $7,000 for the projector. You should then modify the room to allow for complete darkness.

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